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 Pankaj Srivastav

Pankaj srivastav is a well known to the lovers of devotional music and ghazals in India. Well grounded in classical music, Pankaj is known for his soulful and melodious bhajans, devotional songs, semi classical and ghazals.

Early Life & Career

Pankaj is born in kanpur, Uttar pradesh and performing since the age of 10. He has learnt music under different gurus. He holds a music degree known as “Sangeet Visharad ” certified hindustani classical vocalist. He has learnt music under famous classical teacher (guru) of banaras gharana late Pandit Shree Jalpa Prasad Mishraji and then joined Delhi based music teacher renowned music-guru Dr. Sarita Pathakji (daughter-in-law of Acharya Brahaspatji) and also learnt under Shri Pandit Satish Bhatia ji. Apart from singing, he also plays musical instruments like tabla and harmonium…


Pankaj shrivastav started performing early in his musical career from Uttar Pradesh and never looked back. Till today, He has performed in numerous public concerts, devotional shows like bhajan Sandhya (krishna bhajan, Ram bhajan, Sai bhajan, Mata ki chowki).